About Us

Learners Bloc is a space for those looking to hire a private English tutor or an American sign language instructor.

online private English classes

We offer global online classes and in-person classes within Dakar, Senegal.

Our classes are exclusively designed for each student. A student’s need or use case is fundamental to the structure of every program and experience we design.

Why Learners Bloc?

Customized learning

Our teacher will design a course based on your interests, use cases and needs.

Flexible payment

You can pay per class without long-term commitments and still get the benefit of a structured learning experience.

Anytime, anywhere

You can take an online class with your private teacher from anywhere at any agreed time that suits you.

Frequently asked questions

All first classes are paid after the class. Our plans include the first Class as part of the subscription plan. If you choose not commit to a subscription plan, single classes are paid after each class.

We do not offer group classes. those in need of group classes can contact us before booking to structure a custom group class or plan so long as the participants are on the same proficiency level.

We offer seasonal discounts and custom subscription plans. contact us to know what we are currently offering or book a class and hear what offers are valid from your instructor.

Yes, all profeciency levels are welcome to use our services. our classes are tailored to your needs.

Yes, you can pause your subscription plan and resume the remaining classes included in your plan at a later time. contact us or notify your instructor at least 4 days before your next class.

Yes, we offer custom payment plans depending on your budget. notify us or talk with your tutor about a payment plan that will work for you.

If you are going to be unavailable for a class, please notify your tutor 24 hours before the scheduled time. If you miss a class without notifying your teacher we will consider the service rendered and charge you for it.